DaughterSwap – Athena Rayne, Miranda Miller / Boot Camp Baddies Pt.1 13.02.2018

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DaughterSwap-Athena-Rayne-Miranda-Miller-Boot-Camp-Baddies-Pt.1-13.02.2018.jpgAthena Rayne and Miranda Miller are two deviously sweet teens who never follow the rules. This is especially hard for them since both their fathers come from military backgrounds. After a long night of partying, the girls snuck upstairs to Athenas room to try and sleep off all the debauchery they had partaken in. Meanwhile, their dads were downstairs trying to figure out how to set them straight. They decided to use their military expertise to get them back on track GUNS BLAZIN?! They rushed into Athena’s room with stern voices waking them up. They were then commanded to do pushups and situps with no time to even warm up.

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