FakeHub / FakehubOriginals – Canela Skin, Foxy Sanie / The Return Of Fake Handyman 17.02.2018

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FakeHub-FakehubOriginals-Canela-Skin-Foxy-Sanie-The-Return-Of-Fake-Handyman-17.02.2018.jpgLesbian lovers Foxy Sanie and Canela Skin are making out in their apartment, and things are beginning to get hot and heavy. Canela heads to the bathroom to run a bath, and while she waits, Foxy pulls out a strap-on and starts to use the toy on her pussy. Coming back in the room, Canela regretfully informs Foxy that the water isn’t working! The ladies call a plumber, and Martin Gun, the Fake Handyman, answers the summons. While Martin fixes the pipes, the lesbians can’t help but play some more. Seeing two sexy ladies hooking up gives Martin a boner, so he joins the ladies to get a faceful of their tits. The ladies then take turns bouncing their big asses up and down on his dick!

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